Description Edit

The Scout is a unit available to both Hiigaran and Vaygr, and possess similar statistics for both races. Scouts have a wide sensor range, making them perfect for fast recon missions and as advance scouts for raiding fleets. When upgraded sufficiently, they become useful as combat support ships. Scouts are only useful in combat against probes or other scouts, and against fighters or even bombers, are basically useless in combat duty. They can be easily killed, especially by missile fire but their small size means larger ships have trouble hitting them.

For a few players Scouts are indespensable startup units, and early game in large numbers can be shockingly effective against initial raids by enemies. Scouts are also used against other scouts or probes to destroy enemy intel operations. Upgrading them with an EMP makes them highly versatile combat support vessels, allowing these vessels to move into an enemy fleet, blow its EMP and disable at least some ships, allowing larger, more capable ships to attack and destroy them.

Fighter - Scout
Role Recon Unit



Ships per Squadron 3


440 m/s

Build Cost

350 RUs

Build Time

20 s

Armor Type


Primary Sensor Range 7000 m
Secondary Sensor Range 9000 m
Visual Range 1000 m
Anti-Cloak Power Level 1.0


Weapon Range Damage Push Disable
Peashooter 1260 m 10 - -
EMP (upgrade) 3150 m - - 35